Composite products for anterior and posterior restorations. Ultradent India products are now available with Miraculous Dental Solutions. We deal with the following composite material; Vit-l-escence, Amelogen Plus, Ultradent Composite Gun, PermaFlo, PermaFlo Pink, Composite Wetting Resin and Uveneer.

Vit-l-escence and Amelogen Plus makes a perfect anterior and posterior restorations.

Another composite used for anterior and posterior restorations is PermaFlo flowable composite. PermaFlow Pink is used for a gingival recession due to exposed root structure.

Composite Wetting Resin moistens dry composite during contouring.

A unique composite veneer template system introduced by Ultradent Products Inc is Uveneer. Uveneer creates a beautiful direct composite veneer with predictable shape and evenness. It is designed to create excellent, natural-looking anterior restorations in one visit and is an excellent choice for the dentists.

                Amelogen Plus Shade Guide

Amelogen Plus Shade Guide Miraculous Dental Solutions Ultradent