Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge

Crown and Bridge are synthetic devices cemented onto existing teeth or cover a space if one or more teeth are missing. With Ultradent products, you can create both temporary and permanent prosthetic teeth.

The Crown and Bridge products from Ultradent India are UltraTemp, UltraTemp REZ, ClearTemp LC, PermaFlo DC, UltraCem and ExperTemp. These products are now available with MDS India.

UltraTemp temporary filling ensures low irritation to the pulp. With UltraTemp and UltraTemp REZ the patient will be able to withstand normal biting and chewing forces. It provides finest sealing aptness once cured. UltraTemp and UltraTemp REZ aids you to craft temporary prosthetic teeth.

ClearTemp LC is ideal for cementing temporary anterior veneers.

PermaShade LC filling resin is perfect for creating a lifelong, esthetic veneer smile.

PermaFlo DC is recommended for permanent cementation of opaque, ceramic crowns etc. and has a maximum strength and wear resistance. It delivers you permanent prosthetic teeth.

UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement delivers efficient supply and incomparable performance.

ExperTemp temporary crown and bridge material is a bis-acryl composite impermanent material used to formulate temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays as well as long-term temporaries.

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