Etch/ Bond

Etch and Bond are the most important product in the doctor’s office and the question of the bonding strength arises. This is where Ultradent offers the most reliable etchant and cosmetic dental bonding products to the dentists. Ultradent bonds contain a priming type dental bonding agent. This primer has a hydrophobic type of component which allows the dental adhesive to flow down the tubules and the primer also helps stop sensitivity. Ultradent’s dental etching gel gives the ability to prepare enamel and dentin to create optimal bonding surfaces.

Miraculous Dental Solutions deal with the following Ultradent’s Etch/ Bond; Peak SE Primer, Peak Universal Bond, Ultra-Etch, EtchArrest, Ultradent Porcelain Etch and Silane, Ultradent Porcelain Repair Kit, Ultra-Blend Plus and Consepsis.