Dental Polisher from Ultradent India enhances both aesthetics and longevity of restored tooth. Tooth Polisher smoothes the roughness and scratches on the teeth. The dental finishing materials are now available with MDS India.

Miraculous Dental Solutions deals with the following dental polishing products; Jiffy Polishers, Jiffy HiShine, Jiffy Composite Polishing Brushes, Jiffy Goat Hair Brush, Ultradent Diamond Polish Mint, Jiffy Diamond Strips, Jiffy Proximal Saw, Ultradent Composite Finishing Bur Kit, DeOx and PermaSeal. Jiffy Polishers are autoclavable and exceptional for contouring, finishing and polishing composites such as Amelogen Plus, Vit-l-escence and ceramics.

Jiffy HiShine provides easy access for different preparation types. This dental polisher is an ultimate polish for Vit-l-escence and other Microhybrid composites.

Each bristle in Jiffy Composite Polishing Brushes is a polishing instrument and contains thousands of silicon carbide polishing particles.

Jiffy Goat Hair Brush is constructed of fine goat hairs.

Ultradent Diamond Polish Mint is used with Jiffy Brushes and felt wheels and contains high grade white microcrystalline diamond particles.

Jiffy Diamond Strips are designed for more precise contouring. Jiffy Proximal Saw comes with serrations on one edge.

DeOx is an oxygen barrier solution designed to prevent the formation of an oxygen inhibited layer on the surface of the resin materials when they are polymerized.

UltraCal XS is a syringe delivered calcium hydroxide paste with radiopaque properties and pH 12.5. It is used for apexification procedures and intraappointment canal treatment dressing. UltraCal XS is formulated so it can be delivered using the 29 g navi tip which means you can precisely place UltraCal XS just where it is needed.