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Ultradent Tips and Syringes

Ultradent tips and Ultradent syringes are designed specifically to deliver a wide range of dental products. One of the major components of Ultradent’s mission has been the incorporation of the dental syringe delivery system into more dental procedures. Approximately around 70% of Ultradent’s products are delivered via a syringe system which facilitates easier, more controlled and safer delivery of the product. The key to this unique delivery system is the dental tip that goes with every single product syringe.

Ultradent produces over 30 different tips used by dentists, endodontists, hygienists, and assistants in a variety of techniques. Several aspects are considered when designing a dental tip for use with the specific chemicals or a specific procedure. Some dental procedure obliges the clinicians to use extremely viscous materials with a very little need for a dentist involvement. Other procedures use solutions where certain techniques like scrubbing and extremely precise placement are critical. Additionally, some tips deliver additional functionality with the use of bristles, brushes and colour coordination.

It’s vital that the dental tips used with these materials are designed such that the product can flow properly and in a controlled manner. Without the tips designed exactly to deliver these materials, the procedure can be more hard and frustrating for the clinician.

All dental clinician needs tips that are well-designed, easy to use and safe for their patients. Beginning with the notion based on a particular procedure and going all the way through the design, manufacturing and testing stages Ultradent tips are designed with precision to deliver the right product the right way.

Ultradent makes tips designed to deliver chemistry it creates. Whether the dentists are using a flowable composite, a viscous gel or thick impression material Ultradent creates a perfect tip for the job. Ultradent tips are engineered on-site and each design is tested to ensure it works perfectly for the chemistry it’s intended for.

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