Thermo Clone Regular Set Heavy


1 x 380 ml Jumbo Cartridge
10 x Dynamic Mixing Tips

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Thermo Clone Regular Set Heavy

Thermo Clone Regular Set Heavy impression material is heat-sensitive. This means that as the temperature of the material increases, the setting time decreases. We call this a Thermal-Accelerated Set. At room temperature, Thermo Clone material stays unset, with a working time of up to 1:30. Once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth, the material rapidly begins to set due to the increased temperature. This accelerated setting time means there’s less chance of distortion.

• Thermal-Accelerated Set ensures a long working time and short intraoral setting time
• Increased hydrophilicity reliably captures margins
• Highly thixotropic material flows into all gaps for maximum detail
• High tear strength with superb elastic recovery
• Bubble Gum scent