Bleaching Lecture

Prof. Bruce Matis
Dr. Chris Chen lecture in India
Dr. Chris Chen in India. International Symposium on Teeth Whitening
International Symposium on Teeth Whitening
International Symposium on Teeth Whitening. Dr. Bruce Matis, Dr. Sonal B Joshi, Dr. Mahesh Chandra
Dr. Chris Chen. International Symposium on Teeth Whitening


  • DDS from Case Western Reserve University, USA
  • MSc from Indiana University school of Dentistry, USA
  • Professor Emeritus, Indiana University school of Dentistry
  • Past Director of Restorative Dentistry Department Clinical Research Facility, Indiana University
  • Past Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Indiana University
  • Consultant to the Council of Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association
  • Past International Organization of Standardization, U.S. TAG for ISO/TC 106
  • Past Member National Standards Committee, American Dental Association
  • Past member of International Association for Dental Research
  • Past Associate Editor of Operative Dentistry.
  • Present member of Academy of Operative Dentistry & American Dental Association
  • Past consultant in Tooth Whitening to Council of Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association.
  • Consultant, Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association
  • Associate Editor, Operative Dentistry Journal
  • Editorial Board, Operative Dentistry Journal
  • Lectured extensively all over the world on Tooth bleaching
  • Published more than 70 articles on Restorative and Tooth Bleaching
  • Served 22 years in the United States Air Force (USAF)
  • Served as Consultant to Assistant Surgeon General of USAF
Dr Ramesh Shankar
  • BDS (Mumbai), P.G. Cert. in Aesthetic Dentistry, USA
  • Founding Member, Ex-Editor, Past President, Director, IAACD
  • Advisor to Indian Institute of Continuing Education and Research
  • Founding Member, ACFAI
  • Program Director – ENCODE
  • Past Vice President, IDA Mumbai Branch
  • Past EC Member, IDA State Office
  • Acclaimed International Speaker with numerous lectures and publications to his credit
Dr. Chris Chen
  • BDS, Mangalore University
  • P.C.C.D., New York University, USA
  • MSc, University of Manchester UK
  • Worked as full-time Consultant in East Asia Region for various International Companies
  • Past Asia Director of Education for Ultradent (USA) and MicroMega (France)
  • Lectured extensively in Asia
  • Currently part-time Clinician in Taiwan
  • Conducting Continuing Education in Endodontics and Cosmetic Internationally
  • Invited speaker for various Endodontic Continuing Education in Universities all over China and Taiwan
  • BDS: Govt. Dental College, Mumbai
  • MDS: KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi
  • Headed, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics KLE V.K Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi, Karnataka
  • Secretary, K.L.E.’s Swashakti Empowerment Cell for Women
  • Academic Council Member of KLE University
  • Co-ordinator for Excellence in Esthetic Dentistry
  • Member of Editorial review board in Journal of Conservative dentistry
  • Numerous International and National Publications
  • Resource Person at various National and International Podium
  • Has guided a number of students for the research undertaken by them
  • Honoured with “THE BEST TEACHER” award for the year 2006 by the KLE University, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Why spend your precious Sunday with us?

Every Aesthetic dentist needs to do tooth whitening, every patient wishes to have white teeth. CNN and AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) study shows teeth whitening as number one request by patients. Hence, Teeth whitening is the single most popular procedure which can make a dental practice grow. Yet, many dentists do not offer tooth whitening to their patient, as they are not sure of success. Many dentists do it very less because they do not get the results all the time and no idea how to market it. Most of the patients get discouraged from teeth whitening because they are not satisfied with the results.

  • So where is the problem?
  • Is it really difficult to achieve successful teeth whitening?
  • How long does it take to whiten teeth?
  • How long does it last? Does it rebound?
  • How white is considered enough and successful?
  • What is the best way to successful teeth whitening?
  • Why teeth are sensitive during teeth whitening and how to solve it?
  • How to avoid teeth sensitivity problem?
  • Which type of teeth whitening procedure is best suited for which kind of case?
  • How to use teeth whitening to help grow your practice?
  • How to market teeth whitening?
  • What is the correct fee? How to charge?
  • What are teeth Whitening and teeth bleaching?
  • What is the best way to deal with Fluorosis?
  • Is bleaching successful in tetracycline cases?
  • How safe is teeth whitening?
  • What is the ideal bleaching protocol?

Please come and get the answers, WITH EVIDENCE and much more. You will go back with confidence to do teeth whitening because it is very easy, it is very safe; Minimally invasive; no risk of failure; guaranteed patient satisfaction and most importantly, Teeth Whitening is For Life! And will change your Life as dentist.


  • What is the difference between Whitening and Bleaching?
  • The clinical importance of bleaching tooth in Aesthetic Dentistry
  • The science behind bleaching: the safety concern
  • The sensitive issue in bleaching: sensitivity and its management
  • Reasons why dentists don’t bleach
  • Understanding successful bleaching and how to achieve it?
  • How white is enough white?
  • Diagnosis before bleaching
  • What type of bleaching, When?
  • The business part of bleaching
  • The marketing part of bleaching
  • Various bleaching techniques and things to consider
  • The protocol for successful bleaching
  • Micro-abrasion: Managing Fluorosis case
  • Can we bleach Tetracycline stained teeth – what the evidence says
  • OTC (over the counter) bleaching products
  • Questions patients always ask


International Symposium on Teeth Whitening


International Symposium on Teeth Whitening


International Symposium on Teeth Whitening


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