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EndoSeal MTA

EndoSeal MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Root Canal Filling Material is a pure MTA product with no resin or Calcium Hydroxide or any other chemicals added, hence has excellent physical and biological properties of MTA. It is a paste-type root canal sealer based on pozzolan cement that is premixed and pre-loaded in a syringe that allows direct application of the sealer into the root canal without requiring powder / liquid mixing, unlike other products. The product has outstanding flowability which, makes it possible to inject through 24g-26g delivery tip to completely fill the 3D spaces of root canal system. It is eugenol-free and will not impede Fiber Post bonding inside the root canal or affect composite curing.

EndoSeal MTA has good flowability and can be directly injected into the root canal using 24g-26g delivery needle from a pharmacy store or EndoSeal MTA Plastic Tips.
The needle reaches only half the working length and EndoSeal MTA is slowly injected while withdrawing the needle out of the canal. This helps the EndoSeal MTA to reach the apex but not to overfill the canal with the help of “Hydraulic condensation” from the insertion of the Single GP cone into the canal.


  • Simple premixed injectable paste type
  • Fast setting time
  • Ideal flowability and film thickness
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Outstanding sealing property
  • Insolubility
  • High Radiopacity
  • Easy retrieval
  • Strong antibacterial effect
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Promotes hard-tissue formation
  • High sustainable ph
  • Hydrophilic
  • Expands when setting

EndoSeal MTA Technique Guide:

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