Ultradent Syringe Cover


  • 300 x Ultradent Syringe covers

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Ultradent Syringe Cover

Ultradent Syringe Cover provides an easy, reliable barrier

Designed for: All 1.2 ml syringes.

  • Ensures asepsis of syringe during cleanup

The chemistries you use are different. Some are chemically activated, needing to be mixed immediately before delivery. Others have varying viscosities. Some work in pits and fissures, some inside canals, and some on enamel surfaces. Each chemistry you use is designed for a specific purpose. Shouldn’t the same be true for your tips?

Ultradent makes tips designed to deliver each chemistry we create. Whether you’re delivering a flowable composite, a viscous gel, or thick impression material, we make the perfect tip for the job. And since our tips are engineered on-site, we test each design to ensure it works perfectly with the chemistry it’s intended for.

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